After I learned how to develop my own mobile applications I wanted to make an online portfolio on my own, which was my first step into web development. I just kept improving and learning new web technologies.

I focus on making responsive websites that are as fast and lightweight as possible, making reusable code that can be understood by other work mates so it can be implemented/fixed in a short amount of time.



I can make sure my teammates can rely on me since I've been working on my own for a long time, and in that time I've learned how I work and what I'm and I'm not able to do.

Pixel perfect

I've always loved drawing, listening and accepting criticisms to improve my work. Because of that I've developed an eye for detail, if a design has flaws I will notice and fix them.

Clean code

Delivering my own projects made me get used to make the code as reusable and clean as possible, since I would be able to fix/improve it in the future without wasting time.

Easy learner

To deliver my own projects I had to adapt to different work roles, so I got used to learn different skills and software rather quickly. Working and learning fast is my thing.


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